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Server improvement
« en: Noviembre 27, 2018, 03:26:41 pm »

Very good distinguished gentlemen, I am a new user, with rank 5 on the server. I want to give some suggestions that could make the server better.

In the first place, to reduce the fog, and to make the day in the server, this will decrease the lag, the bug and will not become monotonous in the server. Always night, bored.

Second, the 2 9mm should be given in the range 1-5 since they are more difficult, forcing players to be motivated to climb to the next rank. The muted 9mm must be given from rank 5, so players have greater ease in the game.

And finally, expand the quarantine to the entire San Andrea. This will help put many more CPs and dynamic movement back on the server. Another detail, that in each CP are increasing the zombie, and until all the zombies do not fall can not advance to the next. start at the first with 15 zombie, kill them at each 1. And that the zombie can not climb to the towers. Thank you for your attention.