Task Force[TF]

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Task Force[TF]
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Task Force

Task Force is a group of Federal personnell ( mostly FBI and SWAT poeple ) that have been in the apocalypse for some time.
Theyr story starts at the FBI central where they were holding the defense against the zombies until they have gone to the rooftop where the last helicopter from los santos flew away. When they were heading to the ship in the sea the helicopter had technical issues and had to land. The pilot landed at the sea but close to the beach so it was easy to swim to the shore. Every communication with the outer world cant be made so were stuck liberating los santos from the zombies and helping innocent people to survive.
8. Commander-in-chief
7. Commander
6. Deputy-Commander
5. Colonel
4. Lieutenant
3. Corporal
2. Officer
1. Officer Recruit
Currently Without Tags ( ranks 7+ Dont need tags )
Skin id: 286 (FBI PERSONNELL)
Vehicle we mostly use: Enforcer and LSPD

We dont have a base in-game but if it can be added we will have one.
Were mostly held at the Train Station but we come to pick up weapons at the Ammu-Nation very often.

Join us and Liberate Los Santos from the infected!
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