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« en: Diciembre 03, 2018, 12:12:39 pm »
Name: AlexCJ
1. Add 1 helicopter named Raindance
Details: It is a slower helicopter can be used as scouting and you can easily get to a checkpoint near.
2. Improve anticheat system
Details: Add anti-cheat for Flyhack, Teleport Hack and Ammo Hack. Many players are flying around teleporting and using ammo hacks for example: Spawning with a combat shotgun at start.

3.Map the Whole Los Santos
Details: I cant get to Ocean Docks which is the best place to hunt zombies and there is a military base too in which we could buy weapons for example.

4. Weather changes.
Details: I know its nicer to have that kind of weather but making atleast day or night could be better. It could be like 24 hours world time it could change so it looks nicer.

5. Reporting cheaters and application system
Details: I cannot report a hacker using /Report :/
And there are no applications for admins nur any admins list it could be better to add it.

You cant escape your sins, you will get punished when you would never think about it.
If you hurt a Wolf, make sure you never see me looking at you, because you will be hurt as the wolf.